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    Teacher Librarian - Ms. Trees
    Library Technician - Ms. Stiles

LIBRARY HOURS: 8:00am to 3:30pm (approx.)

    Regular School Hours:

    • During class time the library is used by classes for research activities. Individual students may come to the library only if they have permission of BOTH their teacher and the Teacher Librarian. Students wanting to work in the library must come with a yellow Hall Pass Slip from their teacher and consult with the Teacher Librarian as to whether they may in fact stay and work in the Library.

    • The Library is also open during Lunch time (Mondays & Fridays), however, students need to remember that there is         NO FOOD or DRINK permitted in the library.

    • Games of any nature are NOT permitted, nor is Facebook, Youtube, Internet Mail (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) or Messenger on Library computers at any time.

    Before and Afterschool:

    • Students are welcome to come to the library outside of class hours to study, do research, do homework, and to read. Because the library is small for the number of users, you must work or read quietly. Students require and deserve a quiet place to work.

    • If students wish to work beyond the posted hours please check with Ms. Trees or Ms. Stiles and we will, with at least a day's notice, try to accommodate if we are able.

    • The library may at times be closed early without notice due to other extra curricular activities and staff meetings.

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  • You will need your library card or your student number to sign out materials.
  • All materials may be signed out except Reference items (books with a yellow "R" label on spine).
  • You are expected to keep track of materials that you have borrowed and to bring them back on time. You may check your patron record on the computer at any time.
  • You may renew items once. If you need a book beyond the second due date, you must get permission from the library staff to do so.


  • Your GO Card is used as your library card.
  • Keep your card in a safe place.
  • You will need your card to sign out materials.
  • Keep your card from the previous year for the month of September or until you get your new card.
  • If you lose your card, report the loss to the library ASAP. Information about replacing lost cards is available in the library.

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  • Each book in our FICTION section has been assessed as to the ages best appropriate for reading. Due to the varied ages of our students (grades 6-12), we have developed three categories for Fiction literature.

    • BLUE DOTS mean that the literature is AVAILABLE ONLY to GRADE 10, 11 or 12 STUDENTS unless parents consult the Teacher Librarian (Ms. Trees) and confirm that they would like their child to have access to all literature. Books are designated as 'Senior Literature' due to several factors: adult content, the nature of the issues being discussed being of an adult level, adult language used, or the use of language is generally too complex for younger audiences.
    • YOUNG ADULT STICKERS (YA) mean that the book is classified as 'Young adult' fiction, and may be more suited to older middle students and up; however, these books are AVAILABLE for ALL students to sign out. We have used this sticker to try to identify books that include issues/language that some younger middle students may not yet be ready for, or that parents may want to preview for their child.
    • Books that do not have either stickers (YA or Blue Dots) are AVAILABLE to all students, but are probably more suited to younger middle school students.

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  • Students must have a Parent Consent / Student Agreement Form on file in the school office.
  • Students may use the Internet outside of school hours.
  • During school hours, because of the high demand, we will discourage students from excessive use.
  • Note that the Langley School Board Policy limits Internet use to curriculum related activities, therefore,
    the playing of GAMES and use of VIDEO or AUDIO files are prohibited by the Langley School Board Acceptable Use Policy. (Exception - assigned for curricular purposes.)
Message to Parents:

LFMSS offers access to the Internet for research studies relating to school assignments. Access is available in the Library and the computer labs. The parent consent form is based on the Langley School Board's Policy for On-line Learning Resources and informs parents and students of their rights and responsibilities. The school is responsible for guiding and monitoring student access to suitable educational resources. However, since inappropriate material exists on the Internet, it is important for students and parents to know that it is impossible for the school to control for all possibilities. The following rights and responsibilities outline our expectations for student on-line behaviour. Please read the following information. Complete and return the form if you agree with your child's participation in learning activities on the Internet.


  • Student users have the right to access selected educational network resources.
  • Student users have the right to access information that is free from hate propaganda, sexist, homophobic, racist, pornographic or obscene content.


  • When accessing on-line resources, all users will maintain the same standards of good taste as exist in their classroom and will behave in a respectful manner.

  • Act respectfully to others:

      Students will be polite and use appropriate language. Students will refrain from swearing or making comments that would offend others.

  • Participate responsibly:

      Students will refrain from accessing resources not selected or approved by their teachers. Students will exit any inappropriate resources accidentally accessed.

  • Behave safely:

      Students will not reveal personal information (address, phone number, bank or credit card information, etc.).

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