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Citations are used to acknowledge which parts of a paper reference particular sources. Citations are needed to indicate paraphrasing, direct quotations, showing that an idea is not your own, or that information was obtained from another source other than yourself. If you do not cite your sources, you are plagiarizing, which is a serious offence (see Plagiarism).

See SFU's Library Page on Plagiarism for more information on plagiarism and to complete a tutorial to test your expertise on plagiarism.

There are three different styles of citation: MLA, APA and Chicago.

To try and simplify the process of citation for students we have developed concise 'student friendly' guides for each of the styles. Click on the links below to see these guides. For complete citation information check out the guides produced by the SFU Library, as well as the websites listed which are dedicated to the various styles.

Student Friendly Citation Guides SFU Library Citation Guides Other Links
MLA MLA Modern Language Association
APA APA APA Style.org
Chicago Chicago Chicago Manual of Style Online

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